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Stereotypical & Being honest I GTKM

Good morning everyone!
I'm at work and in mornings it is really boring here (especially on Sundays...) , so I decided to scribble down here while I have time.
What stereotypical really means for all of you? Because everyone has different opinions and it's really interesting to know that. For me, stereotypes are those things when most of the society has one opinion and disagrees with any other thoughts. For example typical idea of a beautiful woman or having a party means loads of people and booze and many more. Honestly, it's ridiculous! Okay, I won't babble about that everyone is beautiful in their own way, because you already know that and there's no point in doing this. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that it's stupid and don't do what most of the society is used to doing.
Okay moving on to the topic finally...
Yesterday was my 19th birthday and what I tried to say about stereotypical stuff was my birthday. Most people my age are used to getting drunk with loads of people in hell knows where then upload photos on social media and show the world how fun it was. Okay, maybe it is fun, for them, I won't try to blame them and etc. but having your relatives in your apartment, your two friends next to you was all I needed to feel happy. Of course one person was missing yesterday that I really wanted to be with me, but it was impossible. Anyway I had so much fun yesterday only with few people and without alcohol. I even managed to cry from laughing too much. It is a really rare thing for me so yeah. My best friend was non stop m asking me if I was drunk or not, it was hilarious! haha! I wish that everyone's birthday would be as joyful as mine...
And now about being honest. I don't know why I decided to come up with this topic, but oh well...
I just wanted to talk about this blogging thing that I do and keep doing it a lot more than I did at first. When I write down here and upload a post I'm not expecting it to get a huge amount of readers and stuff. I just feel relieved that I did that and it's like a mini diary for me, where I can write whatever the hell I want and don't pay attention how it will affect me. But the truth is that it affects me, really much. And not in a bad way, it's more like I feel as happy and satisfied as I am about every detail in my life (except when my brother talks in his sleep, while I'm trying to get a good night's sleep.... that really sucks.). So yeah. I don't want to talk too much, but I think everything is getting better in my life. Step by step. Nothing much, but just a little bit.
Aaaand I think I should stop, because it won't be interesting to read how I talk about meaningless stuff. So hope you will have a wonderful Sunday and see you soon!


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